Shine Your Light for the World to See

Currently, there's rogue mosquito flying around my house. It bit me twice already. I've had enough of this illusive asshole. ENOUGH I TELL YOU!

Enough with the dramatics. There's a few things that I'm really enjoying on a daily basis. One of them is Malcolm Gladwell's new podcast "Revisionist History". Enthralling retellings of stories and things forgotten throughout history. I'm addicted and I'm eternally grateful for the wealth of knowledge that is Malcolm Gladwell.

I'm also really enjoying making my own ice cream. Vegan ice cream, at that! I myself am not vegan. But my boyfriend has a pretty bad lactose intolerance and no one should be deprived of the unmitigated glory that is ice cream. NO ONE!

The ice cream making experience has its ups and downs. Lots of unsuccessful trials. But I finally found the most legit recipe. The one that makes the creamiest, most velvety ice cream sans the dairy. And now I'm an ice cream making machine. And I'm damn proud of it. *Milly Rocks with reckless abandon*

I'm spending my week celebrating the small victories. Taking life one day at time. Hugging my kids (probably too often). And trying to spazz the fuck out about everything that's happening in our country. So far so good. I'm finding my light and I'm shining it.

Stay inspired

– Kristle

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