The internet is a weird place, man.  Like sooooo weird. So many gray areas. Even after coming back from a 2 year social media hiatus. Still weird. Yet, like most, I’m back, and I’m addicted. My personal drug of choice, illustrations. The effortless, slap in face reality check, “THAT IS SO ME!” illustrations by @jooleeloren are my absolute fave. We don’t know each other in life, in my mind we do, but I’d like to think of her as my therapist of sorts. Her illustrations put life into much needed perspective for me on a weekly basis. She is my hero. 

Like the internet, life is full of gray areas. People, me included, like to refer to most things as black and white. And for me, most things are. The gray for me is understanding that things aren’t always black and white for everyone else. Understanding that people are different. That we process things differently. And that those differences don’t make us enemies. They make us human. 

It’s pretty easy to write someone off when they don’t share the opinions and morals as you. But why not challenge yourself to dig a little deeper. Opening your mind to opposing views. No matter how infuriating that sounds. The best lessons, I would imagine, are the lessons learned by listening. I’m not lecturing you. I’m two glasses in to some delicious, and quite strong sangria. Bear with me. 

Life is hard sometimes. Don’t make it any harder by passing up a chance to learn something new. Go visit that gray area. It’s weird, like the internet. But maybe it’s time to get a little weird. 

– Stay inspired 


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