Light and Shadow

I’ve learned so many things since I bought my very first camera almost 5 years ago. One of the most important lessons was to take pictures that I found interesting. Not pictures that I felt pressured take in order to fit into a certain box.

For example, I absolutely felt the pressure early to go to all the cool hidden places in the city and to take epic cityscape pictures. But I found overtime that that just wasn’t my style. I do love cityscapes. But I didn’t want to keep chasing that.  Also, realizing that street photography encompasses so much more than cityscapes. Finding my photographer identity taught me a lot about myself. And it’s made me a better and smarter photographer.

I think the biggest lesson learned was that you don’t have to travel far and wide to take captivating photos. I’m inspired by people, places, and most of all, light. Using my inspiration as a guide has kept my mind open. Which in turn has made my material more interesting.

Some of my favorite shots are ones that were taken around the corner from my house. For instance, the I used for this post. Sunset makes for great lighting and shadow opportunities to take advantage of. The sun gave everything a slight reddish orange tint and made my neighborhood feel like a dreamland.

This picture reminds me that a sunset can be a game changer. That there’s beauty in all things. And that it doesn’t take too much effort to find it.

Stay inspired

– Kristle

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